Survey Schedule for Diary and PPM Services: 2018 - 2019

Nielsen Audio conducts radio ratings surveys using one of two methods: Paper Diaries or the Portable People Meter (PPM™).

Nielsen Audio’s diary-based radio listening surveys are conducted over a 12-week period. In the larger markets, there are four 12-week surveys per year (winter, spring, summer and fall), totaling 48 weeks of radio measurement. In medium to small markets, there are two 12-week surveys per year (spring and fall), totaling 24 weeks. Markets that are part of Nielsen Audio’s Small Market Initiative receive a two-book average of the most current survey and the previous survey.

Nielsen Audio’s radio audience measurement system, the Portable People Meter (PPM™), is used within the Top 50 radio metros. PPM™ markets have year-round measurement; there are thirteen monthly reports (including a winter holiday report), as well as weekly reporting.

Diary Market Survey

PPM® Market Survey

Diary Market Survey Schedule 2018-2019

Survey Dates
Fall 2019 September 12 - December 4

PPM® Market Survey Schedule 2018-2019

Survey Dates
October 2019 September 12 - October 9
November 2019 October 10 - November 6
December 2019 November 7 - December 4
Holiday 2019 December 5 - January 1