RRC offers four audience analysis packages to provide you with the information you need, from the basic station snapshot and summary to a complete and detailed look at your station in the context of your own market:

Basic Data License/eBook -

The most basic building block for all of our products: total station average week estimates and market summary information. Includes the Nielsen license fee.

The most basic building block for knowing your audience.  Required before the purchase of any other services.  Basic Data License/eBook includes:

  • RANKER REPORT – A snapshot of your total week audience for the current survey, along with the other stations in the market. Persons 12+ estimates for a variety of dayparts are presented and ranked by AQH Persons. Available at the RRC website.
  • eBOOK – This contains a multitude of audience estimates for commercial radio stations in your market, as well as a breakdown of the survey sample and data about the residents of your Metro Survey Area. Available at the Nielsen Answers website.

To obtain more detailed audience estimates such as daypart, demographic or hourly data, consider ordering LPCcloud/LBR and/or Tapscan Web.

LPCcloud/LBR -

Provides you with a thorough view of how listeners use your station and other stations. Includes RRC’s online LPCcloud (ListenerPC) service and the Listener Behavior Report.

LPCcloud/LBR is the best way for you to learn, in detail, about your listeners’ radio habits so you have the critical information to better serve your audience. LPCcloud/LBR requires purchase of Basic Data License/eBook and includes:

  • LPCcloud (formerly ListenerPC software) – RRC’s online LPCcloud service lets you examine listener behavior in custom dayparts and/or individual weeks and create trends over time. LPCcloud also makes it easy to export your custom reports to other software applications. Data are limited to non-commercial stations only.
  • LISTENER BEHAVIOR REPORT (LBR) – An examination of your station’s listeners and how they use your station. A PDF that includes Time Spent Listening, the percentage of your listeners’ total radio listening spent with you (Loyalty), Listener Tune-in and Tune-out (by quarter hour) and Listener Distribution by Zip Code. Key information is trended.
  • PD ADVANTAGE WEB (Optional, there is an additional fee for this service) Want to dig deeper? Access data for any station in your metro market, commercial and non-commercial, with this Nielsen online service. Reports include a station’s “Vital Signs,” first choice (P1) and P2 listeners to a station and its competition, how often a station’s listeners tune in and how long they stay, a station’s zip codes at work and home, and much more. See what the audience is saying about your station and the competition: look at diary comments online without traveling to Nielsen’s Columbia, MD facility.

Tapscan Web -

Effectively puts your station in “The Book,” showing how your station fits into your market. Includes Nielsen’s online Tapscan Web service with Socio-Economic Estimates.

This RRC product package allows you to see how your station’s estimates compare with the commercial stations in your market.  Tapscan Web requires the purchase of Basic Data License/eBook and includes:

  • TAPSCAN WEB – Nielsen’s online service that puts your station “in the book.” Ratings, Shares, Cume, AQH, Composition and Time Spent Listening estimates can be run for any daypart or demographic. The Socio-Economic option allows you to report these estimates by Education Level, Household Income, Household Size or Presence of Children. Tapscan Web reports can be station specific or rankers that include commercial and non-commercial stations for up to a five survey trend. Also included is a spot scheduler to help you develop optimally effective underwriting plans.

Scarborough -

Detailed demographic, consumer and media usage data from Nielsen’s Scarborough service.

Nielsen’s Scarborough qualitative data service helps you create effective marketing strategies so you can achieve your underwriting and marketing goals:

  • SCARBOROUGH – A long-term leader in consumer, media and retail research, Nielsen Scarborough is available in most markets. Get access to Scarborough’s rich array of local market qualitative information through its online Prime Lingo service or through Nielsen’s Tapscan Web service. You’ll gain insights about consumer attitudes, health care behaviors and other customer segments such as how many of your listeners own pets, go to concerts, and which magazines or newspapers they read. You can also find statistics about a particular business.

Get more information about these valuable audience analysis products via email, or call us at 301.774.6686.