Fish Where The Fish Are

WHAT: One of the deadliest sins in any trade is to focus solely on your own business and ignore the rest of the industry. In radio, this means looking at your own station’s estimates without keeping an eye on both the competition and the industry as a whole. PUMM (Persons Using Measured Media) is the sum of all AQH listening in your local market. Monitoring PUMM by the hour shows when the market as a whole IS listening… and when it’s not. To give you a national view, attached is a PDF with a look at the hourly PUMM across all PPM markets for a 13-survey average for 2018.

WHY: Market wide listening to local radio in 2018 shows that on average there are twelve hours (7a-7p) on Weekdays when at least 7% of the population is listening and 12p-6p are the biggest hours of the day/week, collectively. At the same time, Saturdays have eight hours (10a-6p) above a 7 PUMM%, while Sundays have three (12p-3p). The bottom line: people still listen in great volume to local radio on the weekends, even if Weekdays show the most collective listening. This week’s homework assignment is for you to compare the attached 2018 national averages with your local market PUMM% reports you received in your March/Winter Quarterly Binder two weeks ago. This will not be graded on a curve!

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