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Unblock Drain

Blocked drains and blocked pipes may start as minor issues but quickly escalate if not taken care of. A blocked drain can result in slow water drainage, flooding, corrosion, and in some cases, sewage backup resulting in costly repairs.

When your kitchen sink, Shower or baths fails to drain quickly and efficiently, or you notice an overflowing inspection chamber or gully, then consider this the first signs of a blocked drain .

When this happens, it is time to call Drain Pro, you local Dublin drain unblocking service.

blocked shower

Unblock Shower

You might be surprised to know some of the causes for a clogged shower drain. 

Naturally, you shed hundreds of loss strands of hair and dead skin cells while taking a shower. On the other hand, hard water deposits all sorts of minerals and micro solids. When soap scum deposits on the walls of the pipes, it traps all these contaminants which end up sticking to the walls of the drain pipe and over time cause the blockage. Toothpaste caps, razor coverings, shampoo caps and other small items can also fall into the drain pipes and cause them to block.

Dublin’s most trusted shower unblocking service, Drain Pro is at your service 24/7

blocked bath

Unblock Bath

Most bathroom drain blocks are as a result of dirt, skin flakes, and mostly loose hair strands that bind to soap scum on the drain pipes’ walls. With time, this unsightly gunk soon accumulates and interferes with the flow of water.

If you see a lot of stagnant water in your bathtub after every shower or bath, chances are that you have a clogged bathtub drain. It is important to unblock your bathtub drain immediately before this creates additional problems for your home and bathroom.

To unblock your bath,  contact Drain Pro, your Dublin emergency plumbers.

CCTV Drain Surveys

Drain Pro’s advanced CCTV drain inspection service is the most cost effective way of inspecting drains and sewers. The image quality obtained is so superior compared to other methods. This makes it possible to definitively identify both current and potential problems in your drainage system.

With the aid of remote control camera systems, our engineers are able to generate images remotely. These are then relayed to mobile units, who are able to diagnose the issue correctly. After all,
seeing is believing!

Unblock Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink drains get blocked when cooking grease or oil drys onto the drain pipe walls. Mix this with detergent soap scum and solid food particles and you have a mess in the making.

This build-up in the kitchen sink is the main cause of blocked drains and pipes. Any greasy or fatty substance washed down the sink will eventually stick to the inside of the pipes and inevitably build up to a point where water will mot drain through.

Let Drain Pro, the number one drain cleaner in Dublin,  unblock your Kitchen sink.

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Unblock Toilet

Blocked toilets are surely nasty experience. They mostly happen when people attempt to flush down items that are not soluble such as:

  • feminine hygiene products
  • cotton swabs
  • dental hygiene products
  • diaper wipes
  • hand towels

There is only one name to trust with your clogged toilet mess in Dublin: Drain Pro.

Clean Drain

With so many causes of blocked drains, it is hard to keep tabs of all for an effective prevention. Sooner all later, if drain cleaning is not a part of your routing, something is bond to block. One thing to remember though, is to never put things that to not belong in the drain in the first place. You should also avoid cleaning drains by adding more chemicals.

It is also wise to engage the services of a professional drain cleaner to clean your drains occasionally to avoid major issues.

In the event that they clog and turn into an emergency requiring help from an experienced drain cleaner, contact Drain Pro Plumbing in Dublin for assistance around the clock.

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