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At Drain Pro we are specializing at delivering various QUICK, QUALITY drainage services at an AFFORDABLE price.

We have a team of experienced drainage repair & unblock specialists who are ready to help you to solve your drainage problems, because we want to help you.

We have all the necessary knowledge and equipment to fix your drainage problems.

Do not wait till the problem becomes too costly. Let Drain Pro come to your rescue with drain cleaning solutions and unblocking  services for all your drain clogging problems..

Drain Pro understand how hard it is to come back from a drainage disaster. We all know the warning signs before it happens. Right? The kitchen, bath or shower sink starts taking just a little longer than normal to drain. Then water starting pooling in unwanted places. And the odor begins. Yeah, that strange, damp, unpleasant odor. These are all warnings that you might soon be faced a clogged drain. Then one day, if you ignore them,….boom. Your drain is completely blocked.

Thinking you can handle this on your own, you try to remove the excess hair and gunk or whatever other unpleasant stuff it is that has built up inside the drain. And still nothing happens. You try some of those advertised liquid plumber solutions. No good. Then, the plunger and even an occasional hanger! Chances are that, the situation is already dire and needs some more expertise. You should never wait to get to this stage. Drainage issues need to be dealt with quickly or you end up facing the wrath of bust pipes and a water logged home. 

So what happens when your every effort doesn’t come to the rescue? Well, Drain Pro offers several affordable drain unblocking services 24hr a day 7 days a week, even in emergency situations.

We offer the following Drain Cleaning and Unblocking Services

blocked drain

Blocked Drain

If you have your drain blocked it can lead to unpleasant consequences; bad smell, overflowing pipes, and the discomfort of not being able to use your facilities. Drain Pro can solve your clogged drain problems.

blocked shower

Blocked Shower

If you got your shower blocked we can unclog it for you promptly. There are a number of ways of doing it: using chemicals, powders etc. If they do not help we will use our drain cleaning equipment to unblock it.

blocked bath

Blocked Bath

If you got your bathtub blocked and you are unable to unblock it yourself, or need someone to do it for you please let Drain Pro handle it for you. We will unclogged your bath in no time.

drain unblocking

Blocked Sink

Sinks can often get blocked because of food remains, hair, small children toys, and due to many other reasons. Contact Drain Pro in Dublin to get you sink unclogged.

Blocked Toilet

A blocked toilet is the worst thing that can happen in the drainage industry. If you can not unblock it yourself please contact Drain Proand we will quickly respond to your call.

drain cleaning

Drain Cleaning

If your drain is nearly blocked or has a bad odor it needs cleaning and we can do it for you quickly and easily. Drain Pro is a trusted and professional Dublin Drain Cleaners.