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“We don't need more we need meaning”


I was like us all, Unconsciously buying driven by Marketing Companies saying we need More to be on top. I was Unconsciously buying to give myself a Fix of feel good feelings. I

I was Unconsciously Living Half my True potential as society had made me Be my Authentic. I was unconsciously not loving myself because Magazines fed me a fake version of perfection, and I was unconsciously doing business working as international Fashion Buyer for Harvey Nichols, following the ever increasing speed of buying more.

Until One day I Crashed and said no more. I made it my mission to master how to live and do business consciously, and figured out the secret to Growth, Happiness and Lasting fulfillment is to live with meaning, to live with positive impact and to master how to live Consciously. To read my full story Click here.

Sara Simmonds is a space for you to access all you need to live consciously, and to transform for the conscious age.

The Conscious Age is One where Meaning, Authenticity and the Positive Impact we make count for everything.

Here at Sara Simmonds we curate the best conscious brands to discover and shop. We curate the best people to be inspired by through our BE inspired TV, and We Share our Conscious Transformation programs that will transform people, brands and businesses in 90 days to thrive in their unique Power.

To access our transformative coaching click this link for your free coaching call to unlock your unique power. To access our Conscious Living Store click here, to be invited to join our Global Network Click here.

Cant wait to connect with you, Sending Love Sara

Through Being Conscious, You can Master the secrets of how to Grow Exponentially and Create Positive Impact Beyond Imagination. Sara Simmonds Quote Box

What inspires me is The Power Mastering our feelings has to Change our worlds. Quick video tips

Our BE inspired IGTV at SaraSimmondsLondon Shares Life Stories of Inspiring people of influence, How they live Consciously and How they transformed their lives to be Conscious. I believe through connecting to inspiring people together we can empower ourselves to live consciously and to thrive.

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