Why we exist - Brand Promise

People don’t need more ‘stuff’. In order to consume they want to invest in brands that deliver them innovation and the new social currency Meaning.

For the last 14 years Sara Simmonds has been a pioneer and global leader within the space of conscious consumerism.

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Growth of sustainable market etc etc etc

What we do

The conscious consumer

Have enough and some have it all.

To buy, they are looking for responsibly sourced innovation led products; technology, brands and experiences that speak to them directly and add value to their world.

They Care about leaving a positive impact on the world around us

Desires products and experiences that empower their growth and their own sense of self.

Consuming with meaning is their new social currency.

Wants to engage with companies that are fun, innovative, social, experential and above all positive impact.

What is a conscious brand

Responsibly sourced
Socially engaging

Our unique value add

Do you know what your customer wants before they do?


For the last 14 years Sara Simmonds has been a pioneer of building brands and innovation led retail concepts for the conscious consumer.

( you can be conscious but are you relevant to the end consumer)


Because Sara correctly identified that what is lacking for the consumer behind many products, retail experiences, technology companies and brands is uniqueness, innovation, positive impact and above all meaning.

In 2006 Sara launched award winning brand Sharkah Chakra the first end to end sustainable and fairtrade denim brand in the world with zero waste, ethical sourcing and positive impact. Having a family background in quality British textile manufacturing, sara developed a deep inner drive to champion conscious consumption, she just knew instinctively creating conscious brands with meaning were right for her, for the world and for the consumer.

In 2019 Sara launched Bespoke Your World The first Direct to Consumer Luxury platform showcasing souly conscious luxury.

Today in 2020 consumers feel the same and are choosing what they wish to buy and not buy accordingly.

We Bring our unique value add of understanding what the conscious consumer wants and how to deliver this for your long term success.

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